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Ars Eukaryote Association, founded in 2021, is a group of artists, whose goal is to support and promote environmental art, site-specific works and experiments as well as research
and co-learning on ecofeminism and ecology.

R E S E N T   P O S T S

4/3/2021    The Beginning

It’s March 2021 and we are in the very verge of putting our residency program in action. This is a project that has been simmering in my mind for years. Luckily now things have aligned in such a position that it is possible to open a space for co-creating and -learning and to develop our dreams further into production of works around our environment.

With the current situation of the world for me it has become even more essention to strengthen structures for creating, grounding and connecting. I’ve always felt being in a residency has done that for me. A designated period to work, a designated space to work, designated people to help and reflect together, a new environment to discover, a new culture to discover, new individuals to discover, a new layer of myself to discover, a new layer of the world to discover, some part of me to leave behind to discover and say goodbye to. A work of art to discover.

These journeys have always given me a great opportunity to expand and really get the hang of the very foundation of my artistic work – almost like magnifying my practice. When all my usual mundane is swept away for a while, where its just a bit more silent, somehow a safer space to investigate something still fragile and growing and unsure. 

My main motivation to put such a thing into motion as an artist residency is to get to work as this enforcing and supporting anima for creation and learning. I want to get to witness from very close artists engaging with themselves and their vision. I want to see more environmental art around this city. I want to create a neutral ground for experiments. I want to be able to create time and space.

Toûa Heinonen
Residency coordinator

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T o û a     H e i n o n e n 

chair + director

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