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Ars Eukaryote Association, founded in 2021, is a group of artists, whose goal is to support and promote environmental art, site-specific works and experiments as well as research
and co-learning on ecofeminism and ecology.

R E S E N T   P O S T S

The Attic Residency


The Attic Residency Program accepts applications from artists across diverse practices, concentrated, but not limited to, environmental arts, site-spesific works and experiments as well as research on ecofeminism and ecology.

We welcome emerging, mid-career, and established artists, and we are open to local, national, and internationally based artists. We thrive to provide time, space, and resources for artists towards the development and production of their work while offering also peer-support and growth to emerging artists.

Co-living and -learning

The residency is a co-living and -learning space where residents and staff have communal use of the kitchen with all basic kitchenware, dining and living space, workout corner and wellness equipment, bathrooms and laundry room as well as our co-working space.

We expect the residency artists to be mindful of others by cleaning after themselves, calming down in the evenings and participating the daily life at the premises with intellectual generosity, self awareness and respect.

For ensuring serene co-loving we have designated silent hours from 22pm to 7am and encourage open communication and sharing. We are open for re-outlining the operating principles of the space if considered serviceable.

The staff/habitants of our space: Toûa (human, 30), Aleksi (human, 30), Eva (1),  Armi (cat, 15), Elsie (cat, 6) and possibly a garden fellow (human, x). Our staffs designated working hours are mon–wed 10–16.


In our co-working space you can find basic photography/filming equipment to borrow freely, a computer for editing (reservable per hour), printers (b&w A4/A3 €0,20/ €0,40 per paper / color A4/A3 €0,80/ €1,00 per paper) and space to do your office work.

The building has wireless internet access, which is unfortunately sometimes slow because the mansion is old and doesn’t have modern wiring.

We are an artist-run organization with limited resources that we gradually aim to vasten. Meanwhile a certain do-it-yourself attitude is advised. ♥︎ 

Private bedroom 8 m²

photos coming
2 single beds, bedding, pillows, sheets, towels 

photos coming
small working desk, wardrobe

Private bedroom 8 m²

photos coming
2 single beds, bedding, pillows, sheets, towels

photos coming
small working desk, wardrobe

Shared studio 70 m²

photos coming
working desks, easels

The Attic 600m²

Residency Details

The residency is located in an arts centre in Rautjärvi South Karealia, where the artist will have their own bedroom and a shared studio. The premises also has other studios and living quarters of local artists.

Artists are required to give a free-form online artist talk (produced by the association) during their first week of residence and additionally either host an open studio during their stay or write in the residency blog about their work process.

Available months: May, June, July, August, September, October

2–8 weeks

Registration fee: € 75 to be paid upon acceptance. Residency booking is then confirmed with a written agreement. (registration is non-refundable ni case of cancellation but reduced from your final residency fee)

Residency fee:

Artists from EU/EEA & Switzerland:
(2–3 week stays): € 170 / week
(4–8 week stays): € 570 / 4 weeks, €140 / additional week

Non-EU/EEA citizens:
(2–3 week stays): € 140 / week
(4–8 week stays): € 510 / 4 weeks, €110 / additional week

The residency fee is to be paid 30 days prior the start of the granted period.

We welcome your significant other for no extra cost. 

The residency provides: private bedroom, private studio, documentation of process and works, logistical assistance for projects, official letter of invitation.

The residency artist is personally responsible for their travel, material, and living expenses unless stated otherwise in the Open Call.


Each applicant is personally responsible for taking care that all of their necessary travel, health, personal property or other insurance policies as well as travel documents are up to date.

General regulations of the premises 

Residents must take good care of the premises and general cleanliness. After the end of the residency period, the premises must be handed in the condition in which they were accepted.

The resident is obliged to immediatly report any damage to objects or premises and is responsible for compensating for any damage or cleaning costs caused through their negligence.

Intoxication or substance abuse is prohibited in the premises of the residency – we are a vast professional community and people are working on their projects here.

Smoking, lit candles or open fire anywhere in the premises is prohibited – the house and its surroundings are protected as cultural heritage.

Keys must be signed as received upon arrival at the residence and as returned at the time of departure. The residency will collect a fee of €50 for each lost key.

In case of cancellation

The artist is liable for a €170 penalty fee for cancellation that is made less than thirty days prior to the start of the granted period.  

In case you are unable to arrive due to a pandemic-related cause or if you have a sick leave certification issued by an approved medical doctor, no cancellation fee applies and we will try to arrange you a period in the next upcoming season.

Our staff + board

coordinator + curator

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chair + director

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residency manager

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